Legal Services

Criminal Law

In many cases, the outcome of a criminal matter will drastically change the outcome of a person’s life.  At Toronto Legal, your case will be handled by one of our experienced legal team who understand the impact a criminal conviction can have.

Whether you are at risk of penalties that will significantly change your future, such as the ability to obtain travel visa’s, gain qualifications, be employable in certain positions, apply for loans or imprisonment, Toronto Legal has the experience and knowledge to deal with your criminal matter.

  • Assault
  • AVO’s
  • Bail Applications
  • Drug Offences

  • Fraud
  • Section 10 Dismissal
  • Sexual Offences
  • Traffic Offences

Commercial Law

From commercial litigation to franchise agreements, we will assist you in achieving your business and legal objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Family Law

We understand that every person and every family have different needs.  It is important for us to work to make sure you are treated fairly in your matter. We don’t believe in playing games, we will tell you how it is and we don’t waiver.

Our team pride themselves on providing personalised family law services so we can obtain the results that are in the best interest of you and your family.  In some matters, that may result in referring you to other services to assist you in obtaining the best result and effective aftercare for you and your family.


Mediation properly undertaken with the correct advice and assistance can be a cost-effective way of resolving disputes.  The drawing up of agreements with the correct wording can resolve a multitude of problems and misunderstandings moving forward and prevent or limit future disputes and court involvement.

We know that going through a family break up is very stressful and an emotional time for everyone involved.  Important decisions need to be made about the children, property and the future.  Our solicitors will attend mediation with you and, should a party feel intimidated by the other party during mediation, it can then be attended whereby the mediator goes between the parties, so contact is minimised.

Wills & Estates

Our Wills & Estate lawyers ensure you are prepared for the future, supporting your loved ones’ financial security and preventing costly legal battles.

End-of-Life Planning

End-of-Life Planning covers such things as the preparation of a Will. Your Will sets out what you would like to happen to your worldly possessions and assets once you leave this mortal coil. You can leave specific things of sentimental or other value to specific loved ones whilst still providing for your family. Without a valid Will, the court will decide according to the Succession Act and it may not be what you wanted.

Domestic Violence

We have a DVLO (Domestic Violence Liaison Officer) in house. We believe that domestic violence happens equally to both men and women as is seen in our practice, so we treat these cases with the utmost respect regardless of your gender. We practice gender equality in the practice.